I know His name

There were lepers on the street,
Blind people led by kids
Many sat on the floor
They were all hungry, I thought.

I stared at the scenario
I began to think of the people
I pondered and wondered
I sought to find a solution to ease this suffering
And to help stop the mourning.

As I was thinking,
A man walked down the road
He wore a very fine robe
He was so composed,
Calm and simple
He spoke in such a way that brought hope to the people.

And then He healed the sick,
Gave bread to the hungry
He only asked them to believe
And truly they did
Soon enough,the lame could walk
The blind could see
And there was so much peace.

The multitude that wept before
Started off with an attitude of happiness
Then He taught them to pray always
And make peace with others
Also to share the same joy he brought upon them.

When He saw that all was well,
He walked away slowly
No one even noticed
Because all was filled with joy and laughter.
And when they realized, they looked for him
And some one said : we don’t even know who
He is

…I smiled and said .. I know His name
All was quiet because they all wanted to hear.
His name is Jesus I finally said

A free form poem by favouraigbona……..


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