The world was silent when we came.

As old as an art can be,
We paved the way for a new regime
they’ve never seen anything like us.
Because we used the pen like never before
piercing their hearts and shaking the world,
we came with a new way and an act of war

We send messages with pleasant words
but sometimes we make it cold to demand results
the others,
oh! they pondered and wondered
how gifted and talented we were
to be able to connect words
and send great messages

writers are heroes per say.
silent warriors that observe before striking.
the pen is like a bow
and the words are like arrows
use them well and you’d win battles
not with your hands alone but also with the mind
ain’t that amazing!!

we keep writing no matter what
when our nations are at war,
we put our minds in the shoes of the masses
and then write to criticize the pain and anguish.
Even when our nations are at peace,
we still write to keep serenity..

this is by far the greatest movement.
In times past, they hunted and even killed our kind
because we spoke the truth without fear
even with all the trials, we kept on rising..

so if you are a writer, you’d be a hero
only when you create something honest with your gifts
think wide and dream about anything
just know that you are blessed and talented
so stand up writers, the world has progressed ..
its time to rise up!!!!!!!!


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