The sacrifice

Who would go for us?

And who would bear the cross?

Who would heal their sores?

And proclaim that the victory is won.

All was quiet and calm

They all stood and thought it hard

To pass through such agony

And bring everything to harmony

Is there no other way?

They all turned in awe!

It was Jesus the only begotten son

He spoke for the boundless love He had for the people

No!there is no other way

He simply smiled and said

I will go,send me!

And the deed was done

Sometimes I think,

That God His son not sparing

Sent Him to die and bear our suffering

While on that cross,our burdens gladly bearing

He bled and died to take away our sins

Nailing our sorrows and iniquities to Calvary’s tree..

Oh!!He laid it down at Calvary’s tree!

He loves u so much

And He did that for you

He just wants you to believe

And retire from your sins

Oh!how great and marvelous is the love of Christ………..


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